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Up Français Up Beauty - Glamour Ageings Transformations Fantastic Resemblances On Stage Children Body Painting Miscellaneous Biography Résumé Your comment MailSince childhood, Alain Folgoas has a passion to radically change his appearance, or someone else's, in a likely way. He starded make up in his highschool theatre group, keenly doing ageings and wax and rubber noses, which helped him extensively later on when he started his carreer as an actor and lyrical singer. He then met Arakelian, a famous make-up artist of Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast. He invited Alain to join his course in the first Professional Make up School ever created in Paris, and he got there his diploma as « Maquilleur d'Art ». From the start of his carreer, he improved his various techniques of make up and laying loose facial hair with some of the best make up artists of the time, french and foreign. Then, he made prosthetic appliances in a period where no french make up artist could make them, and from 1973 on, he developped in his laboratory formulas and products not yet available in France. This gave him a solid reputation as special make up artist that led him to work on many french and american telefilms, series and films with famous actors. While working on one of many stage productions he won the only award ever alloted to a french make up artist so far : the Grand Prix Renaud-Barrault . Make up Artistry is not yet recognized by the french official academies, only God knows why… He likes practising equally every aspect of Make up Artistry, beauty and character work, and can work with the whole show cast or only one actor according to the production needs. He willingly passes on his experience to his trainees and assistants, or when a school calls for him. He also lectures on his trade and artistry. He wrote in 1993 Maquillages Faciles pour théâtre et fêtes published in 1994 by Dessain et Tolra Publishers. The book contains many illustrations, and is still available at the publisher or on Internet. Between two periods of make up activity, he also continues a happy carreer as an actor and as a barytone singer.
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